First and foremost, I am an influencer and executor. I aim to always be a trusted advisor and I use collaborative techniques to help individuals and teams with performance achievements.  I founded CareerFrame from one motivation – utilizing my passion to help people meet their professional and personal goals and dreams. My philosophy is to live life honestly, respectfully, kindly and authentically while supporting and guiding others on their journey to discovering how amazing they are and how amazing life and career can be.  I focus on strengths-based coaching because I believe, and Gallup research shows, that when you play to your natural strengths, you will have a higher quality of life and succeed more often.

Born, raised, and residing in Dallas, Texas, I’m a mom of two spirited children and am married to a Travel tech entrepreneur who enjoys traveling as much as I do. In my 18-year career, I have had an incredible journey through corporate America and, in 2014, I changed direction and took on the title of Chief Household Officer (aka full-time mom), as well as followed my dream of starting my own business with CareerFrame. I like to think I've done it all...or at least, A LOT!  

My roots run deep in the online Travel Industry, as I started at Travelocity (owned by Sabre at the time) in 1998 in advertising sales. After seven incredible years of traveling the world for work, specifically managing the Caribbean and Mexico regions (tough life, I know), I created incredible and lasting relationships that would benefit me down the road. When I went to Google in 2005 as a Sr. AE and after two years, I was given my first leadership opportunity where I worked with a stellar team selling and managing Adwords for Fortune 500 Travel accounts.  It was during my last year at Google where I first got a taste of how good it felt to support individuals with their success. After leaving Google in 2008, I did two quick career hops, including Vice President of Sales for a Travel startup, and boomeranged back to Sabre in 2010 as Director, North America, for Account Management at Sabre Hospitality.  Little did I know that CareerFrame was actually in the works subconsciously – this leadership role at Sabre Hospitality truly ignited my passion for supporting, coaching, and mentoring individuals.  In this role, I learned my most valuable leadership skills working with a virtual team of 20+ individuals.  We learned from each other and as a team, drove Y-O-Y growth for renewals and sales for hospitality clients.  

As for my collegiate background, I’m a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Communications, class of 1996, as is my husband. HOOK 'EM!

When I'm not coaching amazing people and leaders, you can find me with my family -- cooking, playing, running to soccer games and swim class, and traveling together -- as well as spending time with myself (Mama lunch every Friday!) , making time to work out, and the all important time to drink wine ... and I looooove karaoke, or "Carrie-oke" as my friends and family call it when I'm on stage! If you work with me to gain confidence, watch out -- a Carrie-oke stage could be in your future!

While my professional and personal experiences have been incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling, as is everything in life, it's also been challenging at times. It is from this, I bring to the table confidence and strength, as well as humbleness and understanding for all life throws a person's way. I strive to be relatable, empathetic and trustworthy with clients, while weaving in a "tough love" approach and I truly want to work with people who connect with me and feel inspired through our interaction.